1801 Laurel Rd (80.82 mi) Lindenwold, New Jersey 08021


Service Hour:      SUNDAY 11:00 AM & THURSDAY 7:30 PM

Worship Location: Timber Creek Apartments

1801 Laurel Road Lindenwold, NJ 08021

Telephone: 1 862-452-4458

Email: hccjubileeplace@gmail.com






  • New Believers’ Class – Living and winning with your new identity as a child of God

This is a 2-part session class for new coverts focusing on empowering the participants to living in the reality of their identity as believers on earth. The class emphasizes how to grow in faith, knowing God beyond religion and witnessing one’s faith to others.

  • Baptism Class – Going public with your faith in Jesus

This is a short class aimed at helping participants take the bold step of publicly identifying with Christ through water baptism. It’s offered in an atmosphere of celebration.

  • Class 101: Membership Class – Belonging to a Church Family


Understanding the 5 purposes of the church

Discovering HCC and Jubilee Place – the history, vision, mission and operations.

  • Class 201: Maturity Class – Discovering the Habits of Spiritual Growth
  • Class 301: Ministry Class – Discovering Your SHAPE for serving God
  • Class 401: Mission Class – Discovering Your Life Mission